Modern decision-makers know that digital transformation is crucial to connecting their brand with an evolving customer. Yet, the journey is fraught with uncertainties around which technologies to use, how to quantify business outcomes, addressing cultural resistance and winning the C-suite over. Well, you’re not alone anymore.

WWC is a Digital Transformation Strategy and Advisory firm with a 15-year track record in providing Technology, Customer and Change Management solutions to businesses across Africa. We help organisation leaders deliver transformative solutions that result in true business value.

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The Letter Every CIO Wants to Write to Their CEO, But Doesn’t

Dear CEO, I know that recent years have been somewhat disruptive with technology upending once secure business models. We certainly live in both interesting and somewhat scary times. I guess the best way to describe the era we’re living in as “business unusual”. As a...

Digital Transformation- Mike Perk Presents at the Marketing Hive

Our Managing Director, Mike Perk recently presented at Locus Intelligence's newly launched event, the Marketing Hive. He presented his thoughts on engagement & change.     Digital Change Isn't Always About Tech As a digital consultant and someone who has...

Conversational Commerce- The ShopBot Takeover

Personalisation and great seamless experiences have always been the name of the Ecommerce game. However, replicating traditional “personal touch” shopping experiences online is a challenge most companies still struggle with. As more retailers try to find their niche...

Case Studies

Establishing Continuity and Flexibility in Online Solutions.

Afrimax, the group entity responsible for several telecommunication brands across Africa, were looking for an easily deployable web interface which could extend across differing operating companies and countries. The solution needed to be packaged as a digital product which could be effectively…

Using Design Thinking to Create a Business Vision.


When the opportunity arises to create a new product or service within an organisation, the excitement can sometimes be short-lived. Rolling it out within the often bureaucratic constraints of the business hierarchy means enthusiasm quickly turns to frustration. However we have seen a lot of examples of success when an organisation…