Does Your Transformation Strategy Include the Human Variable?

Not too long ago, new business systems were handpicked by a select few in the C-Suite. Come launch day, IT support would expend countless resources with boots on the ground convincing users, and themselves, of the merits of the new ... read more

Why Better Tech is Not Always the Answer

I have a very good friend who is the CTO at a major retailer in South Africa. We met recently to discuss digital transformation and I could sense some frustration, so I asked what was up? He said “Mike, I’m fed up with people thinking new technology is better and the answer to all their ... read more

What Digital Transformation Means for CIOs

At the heart of digital transformation is the drive to continually improve products, services and customer experiences through evolving business models.As a result, the modern CIO’s key performance indicators have expanded to include innovation across the value chain and strategic ... read more

Why Digital Transformation Isn’t What You Think It Is

Technology has gifted the world with a plethora of new additions to the English language. If you didn’t know better, you’d swear IT folk invented a cryptic language of sorts to keep the rest of us in the dark about their plans for world domination. Yet, conspiracy theories aside, the term ... read more

Why Purpose Must Underpin Your Transformation Strategy

The global shift towards more purpose-driven business models is on the increase as new realities involving globalisation, digitalisation, environmentalism and geopolitics dominate conversations.Yet, as business leaders feel the pressure to re-prioritise, the question around their ... read more

A Masterclass in Digital Transformation in the Healthcare Industry

Read any guide on business best practice and you will without fail see the word Vision feature high up in the foundation chapters.

It may otherwise be referred to by North Star or End Goal but what all of these terms allude to is a clear destination, a ... read more

Why it’s important to get an outside perspective on your DX journey

Every organisation has a particular way of viewing things. Thats what makes our cultures unique and our points of view a differentiation in the market place. But equally so, it means we can be blind to certain things.
Even the best companies in the world have read more

Culture Hacking

It’s said time and time again that the biggest challenge to digital transformation is the culture of organisations. In our new digital world, businesses have to create cultures that are adaptable, innovative and open to change. Digital Transformation is not a ... read more

Finding Money for your Digital Transformation

The businesses of today are not the businesses of tomorrow and the systems, consumer touch-points and infrastructure that is working now, will not service the business of the future.

You may well have a clear picture of what the future looks like, or ... read more

The Letter Every CIO Wants to Write to Their CEO, But Doesn’t

Dear CEO,I know that recent years have been somewhat disruptive with technology upending once secure business models. We certainly live in both interesting and somewhat scary times. I guess the best way to describe the era we’re living in as “business unusual”. As a result, ... read more