Why the Single Customer View Is Still so Elusive

The single customer view (SCV) has become the holy grail for companies looking to get a better understanding of the people who buy their products. This is evident in the billions being spent on software stacks bent on upping the customer experience ante ... read more

The Disruptive Student: What Will Elon Musk Do Next?

His early years as the not-too-popular kid in school may have served as the best cover for someone secretly planning to save the electric vehicle from obscurity and making commercial spaceflight a reality in his lifetime.

Singapore’s Impressive Digital Success Story

While many industries and regions across the globe battle to make sense of the Rubik's Cube that is digital, others are making significant headway on their transformation journeys. Singapore, for one, is fast becoming a digital success story as the city-state read more

What Kind of Leadership Does It Take to Succeed in Uncertain Times?

The date is March 24, 1944. The location, wartime Germany, Stalag prisoner of war (POW) camp. It’s the early hours before dawn. Squadron Leader Roger Bushell is leading 200 fellow inmates through an arduous and nerve-racking mission.

Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges for the Developing World

Data, devices, algorithms, sensors and humans all form part of the future manufacturing landscape known as Industry 4.0. The rapid acceleration of technological innovation is giving rise to smart connected factories and promises to bring a wave of disruption ... read more

Why Car Makers Must Innovate Beyond the Dashboard

European and American car brands have always enjoyed a reputation for quality, style and reliability. While these attributes have done well for brand reputations and bottom lines, they’re no longer exclusive to vehicles that originate from certain ... read more

Beyond Bitcoin: Unleashing Blockchain’s Potential

Largely synonymous with cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and its many variations, blockchain is the underlying technology that is making it possible for the world to imagine fundamentally new and better ways of doing things.

Africa Owns the Fuel That Will Power Our Digital Future

Consider the humble battery; the power source behind your laptop, mobile phone, electric toothbrush, TV remote and now, the electric car. Just like us humans, all the world’s technology depends on nutriment to power up at the crack of dawn to check on our ... read more

Are Car Manufacturers Taking Their Eyes off the Road?

While global automotive sales have been at record highs in recent years, the future of the industry is somewhat uncertain when considering the endless disruptions staring it in the face.Eighty million in car sales for the 2016/17 period may seem to tell a different story, but the influx read more

Customer Value is the Only Metric That Matters

The customer has never been more important than in today’s digital world. To paraphrase the mighty iPhone’s founder, Steve Jobs, companies must always start with the customer and work their way back to the technology. read more