The Letter Every CIO Wants to Write to Their CEO, But Doesn’t

Dear CEO,I know that recent years have been somewhat disruptive with technology upending once secure business models. We certainly live in both interesting and somewhat scary times. I guess the best way to describe the era we’re living in as “business unusual”. As a result, ... read more

Digital Transformation- Mike Perk Presents at the Marketing Hive

Our Managing Director, Mike Perk recently presented at Locus Intelligence's newly launched event, the Marketing Hive. He ... read more

Conversational Commerce- The ShopBot Takeover

Personalisation and great seamless experiences have always been the name of the Ecommerce game. However, replicating traditional “personal touch” shopping experiences online is a challenge most companies still struggle with. As more retailers try ... read more

Digital Transformation (DX) success means knowing your Why first, then the How, and finally the What

This article offers 3 steps to success and recommended reading to help create an effective DX strategy for your organisation.
Many of you would have watched read more

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on UX: AI The Digital Apprentice

For as long as I can remember AI has been branded as evil machines whose only intention is to take over the world. Most people’s first thoughts about AI are reminiscent of terminator, the Matrix and iRobot. However, this article discusses ... read more

Mike Perk Discusses Digital Transformation in Africa

The buzz around Digital Transformation has never been greater. Fact is, the talk in boardrooms across the continent is increasingly focused around better using technology to improve and grow business and economies. This realization is driving greater investment throughout Africa ... read more

How does Machine Learning Affect User Experience?

This series discusses the affect that machine learning, artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality have on user and customer experience.  I am very passionate about the impact that these innovative technologies can have on creating unique experiences across ... read more

Healthcare Tech Across Africa

Across many African countries, the infiltration of new technologies is often born from an intense need. These mobile innovations are just a few ways that technology is aiding the challenges of the health sector. read more

The Story of the Missing Why

When we found our missing Why, it was a beautiful moment. We celebrated with lemon meringue. We had known our How and What for some time, but our core belief, our reason we exist, our North Star, our purpose had taken a backseat as we busied ... read more

Want your team to change? Then stop creating visions that suck!

One of the cornerstones of effective change management for digital transformation is to create a vision of the future that resonates with those taking that change journey. Get them onboard and your chance of success goes up from 0%.
The problem is it’s human ... read more