Healthcare Tech Across Africa

Across many African countries, the infiltration of new technologies is often born from an intense need. These mobile innovations are just a few ways that technology is aiding the challenges of the health sector. read more

The Story of the Missing Why

When we found our missing Why, it was a beautiful moment. We celebrated with lemon meringue. We had known our How and What for some time, but our core belief, our reason we exist, our North Star, our purpose had taken a backseat as we busied ... read more

Want your team to change? Then stop creating visions that suck!

One of the cornerstones of effective change management for digital transformation is to create a vision of the future that resonates with those taking that change journey. Get them onboard and your chance of success goes up from ... read more

Zoona Mobile Banking Solutions- WWC Sessions

Mobile money solutions are normally services offered by incumbent Mobile Network Operators and make use of airtime agent networks to transact with customers. The Zoona platform is different, it not only allows people to seamlessly transfer read more

Electrifying Africa- Why Now?

Lack of infrastructure in rural communities means that 85% of Africans will never be connected to the national grid. Although this reality sees most communities without power, it’s a reality that’s slowly ... read more

Is Africa Missing Out on the Tech Revolution?

In the final piece in this series we look at the topics discussed so far in “The Business Tech Spectrum” as well ... read more

Standard Microgrid: A Social Movement- WWC Sessions

In the final part of this series we chat to Brian about the social impact Standard Microgrid is making. Their pricing model has not only changed the way people receive power but who receives power. Along with enabling more rural areas to ... read more

If your people resist change at work, you need to read this. Then do just one thing…

I had one new years resolution this year, that I believed (and still believe) will revolutionise my life. It was simple: “Go to bed earlier”

My logic was sound. If I go to bed earlier, I’ll find it ... read more

Standard Microgrid on Tech – WWC Sessions

Following on from our first interview with Brian from SMG we talk about thier new concept of power time and how they’re using technology in order to keep innovating. read more

Understanding Technology in Business & Its Place in Africa

In this three part series we try to understand the adoption of technology and digitisation in businesses and the implication that this has in an African context. read more