Are Your Existing Suppliers the Right Partners for Your Transformation Journey?

Disruption or no disruption, people are still at the centre of every business. That’s why change at the human level is such a crucial part to true Digital Transformation. Companies that understand this are halfway there; technology is what carries them over the line.

At WWC we believe in realising your potential by unlocking growth through digital. We take organisations forward with digital solutions that provide tangible value at the human level – a space where tech exists for humans. That’s why our services are designed to unite companies around a shared vision that speaks to the heart, not just the head. And that’s also why we consider ourselves a People and Tech company.  Our core strength lies in our team of Strategists, Facilitators, Creative Geniuses and Technical Problem Solvers who help you realise the true potential of your business through digital.

Meet our team

Our firm consists of Digital Transformation Advisors and Experts who are supported by a team of Data & Insights Specialists. Our global network of technology Change Agents helps us deliver customised solutions that speak to your business’ unique requirements. We also have an in-house multidisciplinary R&D team who develop and maintain WWC’s proprietary tools for effective Digital Transformation.

Mike Perk, Senior Advisor

Mike is both the Managing Director and co-founder of WWC. He uses years of experience in Human Resources, Marketing and Technology to help guide organisations through the people and organisational change required to achieve a culture of innovation and true Digital Transformation.

Louis Janse Van Rensburg, Senior Advisor

Louis is the Managing Director of WWC in Johannesburg & across Africa. With a specialisation in Business Growth, Digital Strategy and Organisational Change, Louis partners with leadership teams to navigate the uncertainties and opportunities presented by digital technologies.

Alex Acton, Senior Advisor

Alex heads up WWC’s African business contingent. A true lover of the continent, he is constantly searching for ways to use technology as tool for innovation. He does this by uncovering untapped opportunities hidden in the the inner workings and strategic intentions of our clients.

Wesley Tanner, Technology Specialist

Wesley is responsible for all things tech and programming and seeks to constantly refine and push all aspects of the product development process on a technical level. If you can conceive it, Wesley can build it.

Sammy-Jane Every, Behavioural Specialist

Sammy is our people guru. Her unique strength lies in understanding the relationship between consumers, brands and their use of digital products. She helps our clients understand how they can grow by meeting their consumers’ needs in the connected world.

Robin Hook, Operations Specialist

Robin’s experience includes working for big names in both traditional advertising and digital marketing. As a Culture and Change Management expert, Robin is responsible for the way we work, the environment in which we work, and the awesome experience of working at WWC.

WWC Associate Advisors

Our team of Associate Advisors engage our clients to help materialise Digital Transformation on the ground. Experts at distilling blue sky ideas into actionable goals, our team charts your way through the often murky waters of transformation to arrive at real, tangible results.

WWC R&D Team

We boast a complement of highly skilled software coders, Content Strategists, Copywriters, Digital Designers and Marketing experts who help to deliver 360-degree Digital Transformation solutions to our range of clients.


Our vision is to expand our service offering further into Africa by partnering with companies who believe in the power of digitally driven growth. With this pan-African focus, we look to providing organisations with digital services that are both industry and market focused.