We believe People and Technology together are the key to successful Digital Transformation.

Your Leadership, Culture and Teams are the key to making it happen.

Global Research proves that focusing on your People as much as the Technology for DX is up to 52% more profitable


Build a Successful Digital Culture

Transforming behaviour to drive performance

A Digital Organisation – Lean, mean and ready to fail and learn

Becoming Change Fit

Create a Dynamic Digital Leadership Team

Growing individual capability to lead in a digital organisation

Reducing risk by increasing knowledge

The importance of an effective steering committee

Improving decision making

Mobilise your Staff for Digital success

Getting buy-in

Building innovation from within

Effective communication platforms

Ensuring adoption of your platforms

Upskilling Staff for the Digital Age

Bridging the gap

The outsource vs insource vs buy in dilemma

Improve your Technology Solution Delivery

Improving processes for solution rollout

Resolving fragmented and poorly used business solutions already in place

Reducing anxiety within executive at the thought of new solution delivery

Increase understanding of accountability for the success of solutions

Create Game Changing Digital Touchpoints

Design and create seamless customer experiences through digital

Improve usability of you digital touchpoint for customers and staff

Get better results from digital communication and marketing

Create amazing digital experiences that drive sales and/or engagement

Turn your Data into Actionable Insight

Find the best solution to store and manage your data

Improve ability to interpret data and generate insights

Understand our customer behaviour better

Increase autonomous up-selling or cross-selling of solutions

Not Sure Where to Start?


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Q will help guide you on the areas you will need to focus on, in order to succeed in your digital transformation journey.

Businesses we have helped transform


We help clients uncover where their future value exists by combining Handpicked Specialist Advisors with Unique Digital Analysis Technology.


Insights from our Advisors

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How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Transform Global Trade

The world of international trade is one of the most complex systems devised by man. Exporters, banks, shipping houses, regulators and traders from across the globe are connected through a series transactions that result in the exchange of goods that form the backbone...

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Air, water, food, shelter and the internet; these are arguably the five things that are most crucial to the existence of the human race. While the prior four have significant survival implications for us homo sapiens, the latter holds very important existential...