Allowing The Legacy of Door to Door Sales to Benefit From The Unlimited Possibilities of E-Commerce.

As a beloved brand in South African households for 47 years, AMC Cookware has a legacy and strong history with its audience. However, because of the traditional nature of customers and consultants, their business has always worked through manual processes. This means all sales were only done through consultants. This made it tricky to digitally evolve their business without neglecting their history of clients. AMC Cookware needed to support their consultants in gaining commission and enable easier access to products for their customers while creating a space for new customers.

E-Commerce that Benefits a Traditional Sales Approach

A lot of the consultants were wary of introducing an eCommerce site as they thought that this would threaten their sales commission. So in order to support the sales consultants’ abilities to sell and derive commission, we integrated their sales consultants codes into the process. This eCommerce approach allowed customers to make purchases online, and their network of sales consultants capable of closing sales in the field through the use of tablet and mobile devices. Allowing AMC consultants to capture their commission online as well as product and client information in a dynamic, time efficient way.

Information Integration

Going beyond this designated digital solution we set about trying to make the consultation process less manual. By physically installing new hardware at the AMC headquarters we make it possible to move information from their servers to data centres around the world. By assessing the true need of the company we are slowly moving a business built on traditional sales into a digitally mature space.

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