Gaining Access to More Readers Through Decreased Load Time.

In the world of online publications it’s all about being the first to serve readers with stories. IOL an industry-leading news browsing service needed to deliver a cutting edge experience faster than competitors.

Finding the One-Up

Before embarking on a solution we conducted critical global research on the browsing behaviour of online news readers as well as the current performance standards of news platforms. From buzzfeed to BBC, the rule of thumb was the same: there is a direct correlation between web traffic volumes and page loading time. The solution was that IOL needed a tailored mobile solution that was optimised for speed.

Single-Page, More Speed

IOL mobile was created as a single page app – the first of its kind to enter the mainstream South African mobile news industry. This revolutionary, single page app meant that the IOL site loads three times faster. Its speed was bolstered with pre-fetching – a development function that allows IOL mobile to load an article containing the piece’s most important content instantaneously. This article is then replaced with the “real” article as all the fine details load successfully in the background and the user’s experience remains comprehensive and uninterrupted. We further improved site speed by aggressive, site-wide caching optimisation. By finding a single insight, we led IOL to become one of the most competitively fast sites across the online publisher network.

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