Opening up a Worldwide Audience by Looking Beyond Traditional Channels.

The well known CliffCentral central website launched in May 2014. Although this online content hub created accessibility for podcasts, audio channels and programs, it was missing one thing, on the go functionality. With a need for a product that allowed an easier way to listen this solution had to live up to CliffCentral’s mantra of Uncensored, Unscripted, Unradio, work effectively for the user and consider the country’s slower bandwidth restrictions.

A True Un-Radio User Experience

Presenting the CliffCentral app, a simple interface for an intuitive user experience. By exploring the true need of CliffCentral listeners we were able to make truly insightful decisions based on where and how they would use the app. The end product allows users to select streaming quality, downloading podcasts and live listening while browsing your phone, breaks for calls and show line-up info. With an added bonus of options to connect with the show via social media and interact with hosts.

The app connects CliffCentral with thousands of fans and allows them to experience great content, seamlessly.

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