As a South African company WWC operates from offices in both Cape Town & Johannesburg. However, our vision is to vastly increase our presence across Africa, partnering with businesses from within the continent as well as those aspiring to increase their African footprint. We are currently active in Ghana, Cameroon, Uganda, Zambia and our home-base South Africa, with recent relations in Egypt, Zimbabwe and Namibia. We believe in realising the potential of our continent through the power of people & technology.


Our change management and product innovation services are tailored to realise the true potential of African organisations and markets.


We have a strong change management competency where we work with senior teams in managing an evolution to a digital future. This involves facilitated change management programs where we aim to first understand the specific digital change management needs of the business in question and in turn build solutions for managing this change in a tailored manner.


WWC’s focus around technology relates to our intention to work with clients who look to build solutions which are more than simply a branding exercise, what we term digital products. These are solutions which play a pivotal role in the interaction a business has with its customer and are not simply a digital brand execution. To this extent we help identify, create and sell these digital products. From web interfaces to native mobile applications, our internal team of specialists and network of best-of-breed partners means that we are able to realise any digital solution, develop strong strategy around the solution and deliver on the strategy.

South African Banks Gearing for a Digital Future

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Africa Owns the Fuel That Will Power Our Digital Future

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Customer Value is the Only Metric That Matters

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Healthcare Tech Across Africa

Across many African countries, the infiltration of new technologies is often born from an intense need. These mobile innovations are just a few ways that technology is aiding the challenges of the health sector. Find out more about how we're using technology to drive...

Zoona Mobile Banking Solutions- WWC Sessions

Mobile money solutions are normally services offered by incumbent Mobile Network Operators and make use of airtime agent networks to transact with customers. The Zoona platform is different, it not only allows people to seamlessly transfer money but also supports...



Having spent most of his life operating in Southern Africa, Alex Acton, who heads up WWC’s African business is no stranger to the continent.

With a deep appreciation for the opportunities that it presents, Alex has spent a significant amount of time in the far to reach corners of the continent. With this background, he understands the importance of building strong relationships as the cornerstone to successful business partnerships.
T: +27 21 461 1470


If you would like know more about WWC’s African focus, contact Alex Acton or fill in the form below.