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Mike: Great. Thanks so much for coming in, man. Dave: ... read more

Digital Transformation. What Does It Really Take?

What lies at the heart of digital transformation? As someone who spends a great amount of time talking to people about DX, I’m often asked this question. And as someone’s who’s been involved in some pretty complex and costly transformation projects, I can’t overstate leadership’s central ... read more

With Office 365, Microsoft Are Finally Getting It Right, But Also So So Wrong

The companion of the PC since before the internet, Microsoft Office is one of the most recognisable pieces of software on the globe. After nearly 10 official desktop versions, 365 is the new breed of cloud native Office that’s positioned the productivity suite as a powerful catalyst towards read more

Damned If We Do or Don’t: The Decision Paralysis of Large Organisations

The digital age has brought about somewhat broad definitions of leaders and laggards as the race towards dominance in the new binary landscape unfolds. Fall within the prior group and you’re only somewhat safe from the ... read more

Where Change Fit Organisations Place Their Bets

Sprints, SCRUMS, stand-up meetings, foosball tables and introducing the foot hammock for office desks. Judging by the antics of highly successful companies, getting the most out of your staff starts by throwing out the rule book and welcoming discussions about bringing your pet tarantula to read more

How Distributed Ledger Technology Will Transform Global Trade

The world of international trade is one of the most complex systems devised by man. Exporters, banks, shipping houses, regulators and traders from across the globe are connected through a series transactions that result in the exchange of goods that form the ... read more

Will The Internet Produce a Collective Consciousness?

Air, water, food, shelter and the internet; these are arguably the five things that are most crucial to the existence of the human race. While the prior four have significant survival implications for us homo sapiens, the latter holds very important existential questions for an evolving ... read more

Africa’s Fintech Market Won’t Have A Clear Winner Anytime Soon

The term “market uncertainty” seldom if ever has good connotations if you’re a player in the financial space. Yet, times have never been more uncertain with the rise and rise of technology as a catalyst for disruption. With respect to the finance world, this new uncertainty around the ... read more

Why 5G Connectivity Will Transform the Digital Narrative

As a technology veteran who’s had his fair share of frustrations with browser request timeouts, buffering video content and jitter prone video conversations, this writer wouldn't dream of scoffing at the conveniences afforded by 4G connectivity. Yet, the mighty lure of + 500 mbps speeds ... read more

South African Banks Gearing for a Digital Future

“How can we help you?” seems to be the question on every South African bank’s lips as local financial service providers compete for their share of the new digital customer’s wallet. While a line-up of usual suspects have dominated the local banking industry for a considerable length of ... read more