The Fast and the Curious. Three Factors That Will Define Tomorrow’s Car Makers

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Checkmate: Is Robotised AI Poised to Take Over the Food Chain?

What happens when you put an advanced cognitive algorithm inside a humanoid robot? A very smart and efficient resource capable of out-thinking and out-working most humans.

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Can Digital Accelerate Africa’s Renaissance?

As Africa braces for the looming threat of robotised factories in Asia to its manufacturing boom, accessible education is under a renewed spotlight to ensure a sustainable future for the continent.

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Why Most Companies Are Still Blindsided By Disruption

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Why the Single Customer View Is Still so Elusive

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The Disruptive Student: What Will Elon Musk Do Next?

His early years as the not-too-popular kid in school may have served as the best cover for someone secretly planning to save the electric vehicle from obscurity and making commercial spaceflight a reality in his lifetime.

Singapore’s Impressive Digital Success Story

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What Kind of Leadership Does It Take to Succeed in Uncertain Times?

The date is March 24, 1944. The location, wartime Germany, Stalag prisoner of war (POW) camp. It’s the early hours before dawn. Squadron Leader Roger Bushell is leading 200 fellow inmates through an arduous and nerve-racking mission.

Industry 4.0: Opportunities and Challenges for the Developing World

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Why Car Makers Must Innovate Beyond the Dashboard

European and American car brands have always enjoyed a reputation for quality, style and reliability. While these attributes have done well for brand reputations and bottom lines, they’re no longer exclusive to vehicles that originate from certain ... read more