Why 5G Connectivity Will Transform the Digital Narrative

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South African Banks Gearing for a Digital Future

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Disrupting Entrenched Thinking In the Financial Services Industry

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How Africa’s Best Banks are Leading Through Digital

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AI for Good: What are the Possibilities?

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The Fast and the Curious. Three Factors That Will Define Tomorrow’s Car Makers

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Checkmate: Is Robotised AI Poised to Take Over the Food Chain?

What happens when you put an advanced cognitive algorithm inside a humanoid robot? A very smart and efficient resource capable of out-thinking and out-working most humans.

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Can Digital Accelerate Africa’s Renaissance?

As Africa braces for the looming threat of robotised factories in Asia to its manufacturing boom, accessible education is under a renewed spotlight to ensure a sustainable future for the continent.

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Why Most Companies Are Still Blindsided By Disruption

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Why the Single Customer View Is Still so Elusive

The single customer view (SCV) has become the holy grail for companies looking to get a better understanding of the people who buy their products. This is evident in the billions being spent on software stacks bent on upping the customer experience ante ... read more