Why Adjoin’s Customer First Ad Buying Model is so Successful- WWC Sessions

This programmatic buying co-op is a new innovative solution to programmatic buying. At the forefront of their industry, Adjoin uses a data first approach to give brands a better, more meaningful presence. 
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Standard Microgrid: A Social Movement- WWC Sessions

In the final part of this series we chat to Brian about the social impact Standard Microgrid is making. Their pricing model has not only changed the way people receive power but who receives power. Along with enabling more rural areas to access to energy, SMG has also created ... read more

Standard Microgrid on Tech – WWC Sessions

Following on from our first interview with Brian from SMG we talk about thier new concept of power time and how they’re using technology in order to keep innovating. read more

Standard Microgrid on Financing – WWC Sessions

A new initiative of containerised, solar powered plants from a company called Standard Microgrid is revolutionising the way Africans think about ... read more

Celtra Ad Platform- WWC Sessions

Celtra, the creative ad technology platform has been adopted by agencies across the globe and is changing how we think about digital advertising. We interview  Leonel Silva and Mike Carter ... read more

MamaMoney- WWC Sessions

We chat to Matt Coquillon co founder and director of the money transfer product, MamaMoney that's making waves in both Africa's financial and ... read more

The Future Of Change Management- WWC Sessions

Mike Perk interviews Belinda Murray about change management and process consulting. read more

Airbnb in Africa- WWC Sessions

Airbnb the third party, online hospitality service has quickly become a globally adopted product, now available in over 190 countries. I spoke to Christine Da Silva brand ambassador ... read more

Design-Thinking In Business – WWC Sessions

With the release of the 2016 Design In Tech Report, U.S. business schools revealed a major influence from design and creative thinking. After listening to a read more

Problem Reframing- WWC Sessions

Inspired by Thomas Wedellsborg’s podcast “The Secret to Better Problem Solving” we recently hosted ... read more