Innovation and its role in becoming Future Fit



Find out how your leadership and teams stack up against best of breed Future Fit characteristics


Mike: Great. Thanks so much for coming in, man. Dave: Thank you. Mike: Great to see you. Haven't seen you for a while. It's always good to catch up. Dave: Likewise. Mike: I haven't given you too much context as to why you're coming in because I ... read more

Digital Transformation. What Does It Really Take?

What lies at the heart of digital transformation? As someone who spends a great amount of time talking to people about DX, I’m often asked this question. And as someone’s who’s been involved in some pretty complex and costly transformation projects, I can’t overstate leadership’s central importance to successful transformation within practically any business. But why leadership? Why not technology or a team of external, black-suit-and-sunglass-donning millennial consultants ... read more

With Office 365, Microsoft Are Finally Getting It Right, But Also So So Wrong

The companion of the PC since before the internet, Microsoft Office is one of the most recognisable pieces of software on the globe. After nearly 10 official desktop versions, 365 is the new breed of cloud native Office that’s positioned the productivity suite as a powerful catalyst towards digital transformation. Current adoption numbers for Office 365 stand at nearly 100 million and counting, rivalled only by its siblings in terms of future market dominance. In fact, the suite has ... read more

Case Studies

Establishing Continuity and Flexibility in Online Solutions.

Afrimax Afrimax, the group entity responsible for several telecommunication brands across Africa, were looking for an easily deployable web interface which could extend across differing operating companies and countries. The solution needed to be packaged as a digital product which could be effectively... read more

Using Design Thinking to Create a Business Vision.

Nedgroup When the opportunity arises to create a new product or service within an organisation, the excitement can sometimes be short-lived. Rolling it out within the often bureaucratic constraints of the business hierarchy means enthusiasm quickly turns to frustration. However we have seen a lot of examples of success when an organisation... read more

Allowing The Legacy of Door to Door Sales to Benefit From The Unlimited Possibilities of E-Commerce.

AMC Cookware As a beloved brand in South African households for 47 years, AMC Cookware has a legacy and strong history with its audience. However, because of the traditional nature of customers and consultants, their business has always worked through manual processes... read more