Technology Causing a Disconnect Between Your Brand and Customers?

To better explain what we do, let us tell you what we don’t do. We’re not suppliers who tout expensive and massively complex solutions, pat you on the back, send you the bill and wish you the best. We’re also not consultants who provide nearsighted quick fixes that require revision by the beginning of next financial year.

WWC applies a Human Centric approach to Digital Transformation. For us, people are the start and end to effective and sustainable change in any organisation. As a People & Technology company, we partner with business leaders to create a clear picture of their organisation’s potential and help them articulate their vision to the business. With these fundamental building blocks in place, our focus shifts to mapping out the best way to making that picture a reality.

Our Approach

Has technology disruption caused a skills gap in your organisation?

Are your customer touch points leaving you blindsided?

Are you thinking about unifying your legacy systems to break down business silos?

Is your company’s confidence towards change equalled by its competence?

Aligning your strategy with a clear and concise Purpose provides a North star we can work towards.

This creates a Picture of Potential that acts as the first step in your 3-STEP Journey towards transformation.

Step 1: Defining Your Vision or Picture of Potential (POP)

  • Vision setting (POP) workshop
  • Boots on the ground research
  • Interviews with stakeholders and customers
  • Analysis and insights
  • Half-day workshop
  • Inclusive discussion around introducing Digital Transformation
  • Internal sentiment baseline

Step 2: Building a Roadmap to Digital Transformation

  • Findings review and analysis
  • Identify gaps between people and tech
  • Cost versus business benefits analysis
  • Prioritise next steps
  • Roadmapping toward Digital Transformation
  • Internal sentiment re-analysis
  • Further interviews with stakeholders and customers

Step 3: Finding the Best Solution Through Our Network of Change Agents 

  • Strategy building and supplier research
  • Assessing, engaging and appointing best-of-breed solution provider
  • Solution sentiment analysis
  • Engage selected solution provider to implement Digital Transformation
  • Continued analysis and improvement of solution


Companies who are digitally mature are up to 51% more profitable and their employees 15% more engaged regardless of industry.
– MIT Centre for Digital Business